twf-books-smallIn times of chaos it is more vital than ever to think critically and to trust only what you can verify. This blog is dedicated to the analysis of bullshit, conspiracies and propaganda.

Look for truth you can see — watch what people do instead of listening to what they say. Question explanations that make no sense. Trust your own judgment, and be sure you exercise your God-given BS filter.

I’m Terry Frazier. I was an industry and tech analyst as well as a consultant to the Fortune 1000 for almost two decades. I am a journalist by education. I have been writing since 1998 and writing on the web since 2002. For the last decade of my career my specialty was competitive intelligence, and in 2011-2012 I spent several weeks training with some of the best intelligence professionals in the world at the Academy of Competitive Intelligence in Cambridge, MA.

The focus here has changed over time. My interest in this site both waxes and wanes. I have been in a long waning period. Between 2014 and today I have made exactly five posts. The sudden emergence of SARS-CoV-2, the pandemic and the resultant economic collapse have spurred my interest again.

I am not fond of the phrase “but this time it’s different.” It is almost always applied to explain away some magical leap of logic — as in “magic happens here.” But today things really are different — in a real and tragic sense. The spread of BS, conspiracy & propaganda has reached levels never seen in my lifetime. We are wrecking our entire economy and imprisoning our entire population in their homes based on flawed, manipulated and purposefully inflated computer models. We are listening to “experts” with vested interests and who stand to make enormous financial gains from these actions.

There is a lot to be covered. There is a lot of bullshit to filter, propaganda/conspiracy theory to understand, and truth to seek. I will try to make a small, positive contribution.

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s get to it.

— twf
April 14, 2020