When you strip away the theory from a conspiracy theory by carefully validating facts that substantiate it – or conclusively disproving alleged facts that contradict it – you no longer have a conspiracy theory. You have a conspiracy – which actually isn’t that uncommon.

Eighteen years after the World Trade Center collapse, sixteen years after the government issued its reports on the true causes, and four years after the University of Alaska Fairbanks began its detailed and extraordinary analysis of the WTC Bldg 7 event, we learn that almost nothing the government told us was true.

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More and more, the Mueller investigation reminds me of a professional wrestling match. Bodies are flying around, people sometimes get genuinely injured, but the big, high-impact moves — the flips, the flops, the super-duper-stunner kicks or whatever — are all scripted and choreographed for show. At the end of the day, it’s entertainment for the benefit of a willingly gullible audience.

On November 29, 2018 Vox.com published a list of all the Mueller indictments known to date. Two years. Tens, or maybe hundreds, of millions of dollars. This is all they have to show for it. There two ways to look at this list. One is that the wiley Mueller is keeping his cards close to his vest, slowly building a case to expose how Trump and Putin conspired to steal the US Presidency from Hillary Clinton — or something — and isn’t showing anywhere near everything he has. The other is that, after two years, Mueller still doesn’t have anything at all on Donald Trump and every Hail Mary he’s thrown, has mostly been a bust — at least in terms of the purported collusion. Continue reading