When you strip away the theory from a conspiracy theory by carefully validating facts that substantiate it – or conclusively disproving alleged facts that contradict it – you no longer have a conspiracy theory. You have a conspiracy – which actually isn’t that uncommon.

Eighteen years after the World Trade Center collapse, sixteen years after the government issued its reports on the true causes, and four years after the University of Alaska Fairbanks began its detailed and extraordinary analysis of the WTC Bldg 7 event, we learn that almost nothing the government told us was true.

The research team behind the WTC7 study isn’t a bunch of quacks, dupes, “deniers”, halfwits, morons or anything else. Their findings should be setting off alarm bells. What other lies did the official story contain? What other truths did the official story cover up?

But does anyone in the newsrooms at ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NBC, the NYT or anyplace else care? No. They long ago stopped being in the business of truth (to be honest I don’t know that they ever were) and dedicated themselves unapologetically to the business of clickbait and pop culture and bullshit.

Was Any of it True?

The findings of the University of Alaska Fairbanks study fundamentally undermine virtually every point of every official explanation put forward by the Bush Administration regarding WTC 7. Given the extent to which the official explanations mislead and misinformed the public regarding the actual causes of the collapse, how can we possibly continue to believe that anything else our government has told us regarding the 9/11 attacks is true?

Seventeen years of endless war. Seventeen years of unbridled defense spending. Seventeen years of draconian, “anti-terror” surveillance and subterfuge and domestic spying. Seventeen years of bombing stone-age jihadis into oblivion while destroying whatever tiny instances of peaceful culture were emerging. All likely based on lies. And all carried forward ad infinitum by every Administration since.

Wrapping ourselves in an American flag and pretending that our young men and women are defending our freedom in some shithole halfway around the world because the government tells us that’s what is happening is not patriotism. It’s preposterous.