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Are you sending the right messages to your B2B prospects?

Do you know what B2B prospects are looking for in a supplier? Do you know what B2B prospects want to hear? Is there an opportunity for mid-size B2B companies to brand around messages that bigger players miss?

Recently McKinsey did some research on branding themes among major B2B companies and answered some of these questions. The purpose of the resarch was to determine how well branding messages of global B2B players matched up to the interests of B2B customers. Read More→

The best sales video ever

If we all had this much enthusiasm for our businesses there wouldn’t be a recession.

Thanks to Jim McGee for the link.

Three Big Lessons from the Info Products seminar

As I mentioned, this past weekend I attended Fred Gleeck’s Info Products seminar. Before it recedes too far into my memory I wanted to list out three of the biggest lessons that I think apply to traditional business owners. These are what I call Aha! moments – moments when a misconception or prejudice falls away. Read More→